Where Does My Houseplant Come From?

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The Cut Flower & Houseplant industry is a growing market worth over £2.2B in the U.K., and $1.7 billion in the U.S, each year. Two-thirds of indoor species sold within the last twelve months originate from tropical locations around the world; this isn't surprising as over one BILLION exotic Orchids (Phalaenopsis) were sold within this period! In the Netherlands, the average household has thirteen houseplants, with over 90% owning at least one indoor plant!

Have a read through the list to see where your houseplant originates from; click on its link for more information regarding care requirements, common issues & its history!

Rainforest, Monsoon & Tropical Temperate Climates

North America

Central America

South America


South Asia

East Asia

South-East Asia


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Arid & Alpine Tundra

North America

South America

Arabian Peninsula

Southern Africa

Mediterranean Climates


Temperate Broadleaf

North America



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