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Hey! My name's Joe Bagley, THE HOUSEPLANT DOCTOR™, author/owner of! (Instagram: @ukhouseplants). I created this website to influence and teach people about houseplant care in a simplistic, standardised way. Each article is composed in the same format with top tips, care requirements, common issues and a whole load of other useful information, all within one webpage. I feel that having propagation tips just a scroll away from the general care advice is far better than having to navigate through an unfamiliar website. Each article takes around three hours to write, take photos and proofread - so please use/share the service as much as possible as there's A LOT of effort put into it! You may have noticed that I sometimes write 'us' or 'our' in some of the blogs; this is to make ukhouseplants sound more formal, but it's just me who's typed every letter so far.

I also wanted to make something to be proud of, and already ukhouseplants have done just that. As I received many messages via Instagram about how to care for a particular plant, I decided to create a website that could help everyone out, regardless of if they're on social media. From May 2019, I've featured in many shows with BBC's Radio Leicester, including 'Joe's Houseplant of the Week' and being part of the 'Down to Earth' team. I have also appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 and twice on Gardeners' World (S12 E17, seventeen minutes in) to showcase my collection and knowledge! I currently run successful a potting mix online store, along with being a presenter for BBC Gardeners' World Live. 

I hope this website is useful for you, but if you still need plant-assistance, I'm only a call away on my 1-to-1 Calls service. PLEASE tell your friends & share this website as much as possible on social media to keep ukhouseplants growing strongly!

Yours sincerely,
Joe Bagley, the website creator of ukhouseplants!

2002Begins doing odd jobs for his Grandmother's garden (picking out snails and watering) aged 3!
2013Grows his first houseplants (Venus Fly Trap, Spider Plant, Asparagus Fern)
2016Gets dream job at the local garden centre where his late Grandmother used to take him.
2018Signs up @ukhouseplants on Instagram and begins developing this website to help others with houseplants.
2019First feature on BBC Radio Leicester and cross-hybridises his first variety of Streptocarpus. Writes the 260th article for this website. 
2020Has two weekly radio shows, featured on Gardeners' World for the first time, becomes Houseplant Manager at a new garden centre. Becomes fully self-employed and takes ownership of his potential. Opens doors to the 1-to-1 Call service and celebrates the 100th client within six weeks. 
Opens online shop & takes 1,000th order within four months. Confirmed as one of the Gardeners' World Live show experts for 2021 & features more on radio & tv.

2022Celebrates 5,000 sales online & hosts various talks and shows across RHS Garden Shows across the UK. 
2023Celebrates 10,000 sales online & becomes a regular for Gardeners' World Live. Opens up 'CALL THE HOUSEPLANT DOCTOR' services that include 1-1 plant-care video calls & Houseplant Merchandising for garden centre businesses in Europe. 

NOTE - All photos & articles shown on this website are subject to Copyright (© ukhouseplants, 2021), including the name 'ukhouseplants' and affiliated logos.

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