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Helpful Tips

A List of plants that can do well in certain environments. (i.e. shade tolerant plants or bathroom specimens).

A list of toxic & pet-friendly houseplants.

Plants that are suitable for people who struggle to keep them alive; this even includes pet-friendly plants, too!

How to identify & address root rot with a simple step-by-step guide!

Click here to learn about the the do's & don'ts of repotting, along with a step-by-step guide (with pictures).

Secret hacks of successful propagation of stem or vine cuttings.

A list of diseases & viruses that can affect any houseplant.


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Mealybugs are renowned for surviving even the harshest of pest control; click here to learn more about eradicating an infestation...

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Aphids & Greenfly

In most cases, Aphids & Greenfly can take a while to signs of destruction. Click here to learn about tips & tricks and why non chemical-based pesticides are the way to go.

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Spider Mites

Persistence and consistency are the key ingredients to eradicate a pesky Mite infestation. Click here to learn about our tips & tricks!

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Thrips - Thunderflies

Thrips can be highly contagious & damaging, but with our tips and tricks, any infestation can be controlled & destroyed!

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Blackfly are a close relative to the Aphid family and will most likely attack the juvenile tissue of a plant. Click here to learn about our tips & tricks on how to destroy a population.

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Root Mealybug

Learn about the symptoms of an infestation & how hot water can be more effective than conventional pesticides...

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Vine Weevils

Vine or Root Weevils are the most uncommon pests on this list, but can still cause great confusion on how to eradicate an infestation without specialist advice.

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Scale will produce a sticky residue known as 'excretion', which is the prominent symptom of an attack. Visit this article to learn about addressing an attack and its sticky counterpart.

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Fungus Gnats

Click here to learn about the annoying, yet harmless Fungus Gnat - and how to address an infestation!

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Click here to learn more about its life cycle, eradication of an infestation & which products are best.

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Lots of information surrounding the creation of a terrarium. Includes a list of the appropriate plants, potting mixes & more!

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Reducing the costs of the plants used, the layering ingredients (i.e. soil, grit, etc) & the terrarium itself.

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Not sure how to water or look after your terrarium? Click here to find out about the ultimate care tips for indoor terraria, including its fascinating history from the 1830s!

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A list of eighteen different terrarium photos & ideas!

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Hey! My name's Joe Bagley, and I'm the creator of ukhouseplants! I created this website to influence and teach people about houseplant care in a simplistic, standardised way. Each article is composed in the same format with top tips, care requirements, common issues and a whole load of other useful information, all within one document. I feel that having propagation tips just a scroll away from the general care advice is far better than having to navigate through an unfamiliar website. Each article takes around two hours to write, take photos and proofread - so please use/share the service as much as possible as there's A LOT of effort put into it! You may have noticed that I sometimes write 'us' or 'our' in some of the blogs; this is to make ukhouseplants sound more formal, but it's just me who's typed every letter so far...

I also wanted to make something to be proud of, and already ukhouseplants have done just that. As I received many messages via Instagram about how to care for a particular plant, I decided to create a website that could help everyone out, regardless of if they're on social media. Since May 2019, I've signed up to do a 'Joe's Houseplant of the Week' that airs on BBC Radio Leicester EVERY Sunday & Tuesday (1:10pm) to discuss a whole range of easy-to-find plants and how to care for them! If you'd like to listen to those interviews, hop over to BBC iPlayer, or scroll up to the 'Podcasts' section on this website. I have also appeared on BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 & Gardeners' World (S12 E17, seventeen minutes in) to showcase my collection and knowledge!

Soon, I aspire to have my own houseplant shop so that I can share my love for plants and to work for myself finally. If reality allows it, ukhouseplants will continue to be an informative website that will still host a massive range of information but will also become my shop-Instagram to promote the new business. Although this is still years & years away, I've already started to sell terrariums and propagated plants (such as Spider Plants and Pineapple Pups) to start this whole adventure off, and to get to grips with the commercial side of things. I've always been environmentally conscious about my carbon footprint, so all of my soil is peat-free, and the deliveries that I make are via my electric car - even the number plate has nature through its veins - P144 NTS !

I hope that this website is useful for you, and if you still need plant-assistance, then I am only a message away on Instagram or by email. You can even sign up to the monthly newsletter that will be starting in April 2020, where you'll be first in line for in-season tips and somewhere to access fresh articles about plants, pests and much more. As you may have noticed, there are only a few adverts to clog up your time on the website; I hate adverts ruining the flow of a read, too! I only earn enough to cover the costs, but even just buying me a coffee via PayPal would really mean the world to me.

PLEASE tell your friends & share this website as much as possible on social media to keep ukhouseplants growing.

Yours sincerely,
Joe Bagley, the website creator of ukhouseplants! 🌱😀

NOTE - All photos & articles shown on this website are subject to Copyright (© ukhouseplants, 2020), including the name 'ukhouseplants' and affiliated logos.

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