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Welcome to THE HOUSEPLANT DOCTOR'S top tips on all houseplants, written in a comprehensive & no-nonsense tone!

Want to read about pests, repotting tips & more? Scroll no further as here are THE HOUSEPLANT DOCTOR'S most-viewed articles on the internet!

The ULTIMATE list of plants that can do well in certain environments. (i.e. shady or sun-filled rooms, conservatories, cold porches or bathrooms, etc.).

A list of toxic & pet-friendly houseplants, including hyperlinks to each plant-article!

Plants that are suitable for people who struggle to keep them alive; this even includes pet-friendly plants, too!

How to identify & address root rot with a simple step-by-step guide!

Click here to learn about the the do's & don'ts of repotting, along with a step-by-step guide (with pictures).

Secret hacks of successful propagation of stem or vine cuttings.

A list of diseases & viruses that can affect any houseplant.

Here are THE HOUSEPLANT DOCTOR'S™ top 10 indoor plants for different situations! (Section still under development)  

10 Easy Houseplants for Beginners

THE HOUSEPLANT DOCTOR'S™ first 'Top 10 List' is for easy houseplants that are proven not to cause a headache when greening-up your home!

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10 Houseplants to Hang/Trail Under a Skylight Window

A list of ten drought-tolerant plants that'll grow superbly under a skylight window!

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10 Houseplants for Kids to Get into Horticulture

Wanting to get your child or grandchild into gardening/houseplants? Here are 10 exciting plants that'll ignite their leafy imagination!

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10 Houseplants for Sunny Conservatories

Have a conservatory that's hot in summer but cold in the winter? Here are THE HOUSEPLANT DOCTOR'S™ Top 10 plants that'll green-up even the most challenging of conservatories!

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10 Houseplants to Place on a Cabinet or Bookshelf

The Top 10 fail-safe trailing plants that'll thrive on cabinet or bookshelf!

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Being viewed over 1 million times, you're viewing the most comprehensive Pest Eradication articles on the web, all written by Joe Bagley - THE HOUSEPLANT DOCTOR


Mealybugs are renowned for surviving even the harshest of pest control, so click here to learn more about eradicating an infestation!

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Aphids & Greenfly

In most cases, Aphids & Greenfly can take a while to signs of destruction. Click here to learn about tips & tricks and why non chemical-based pesticides are the way to go.

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Spider Mites

Persistence and consistency are the key ingredients to eradicate a pesky Mite infestation. Click here to learn about our tips & tricks!

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Thrips - Thunderflies

Thrips can be highly contagious & damaging, but with our tips and tricks, any infestation can be controlled & destroyed!

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Blackfly are a close relative to the Aphid family and will most likely attack the juvenile tissue of a plant. Click here to learn about our tips & tricks on how to destroy a population.

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Soil Mites

Often confused with Fungus Gnat larvae, Soil Mites are somewhat common in houseplant soils. Fear not though, as they are actually beneficial to the compost and harmless to the plant or humans!

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Like Soil Mites, Springtails are actually beneficial to your plants and boast no health issues to humans either. This article mentions their role within Houseplant Compost and a step-by-step guide on how to address an infestation.

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Root Mealybug

Learn about the symptoms of an infestation & how hot water can be more effective than conventional pesticides...

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Vine Weevils

Vine or Root Weevils are the most uncommon pests on this list, but can still cause great confusion on how to eradicate an infestation without specialist advice.

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Scale will produce a sticky residue known as 'excretion', which is the prominent symptom of an attack. Visit this article to learn about addressing an attack and its sticky counterpart.

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Fungus Gnats

Click here to learn about the annoying, yet harmless Fungus Gnat - & how to eradicate an infestation!

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Click here to learn more about its life cycle, eradication of an infestation & which products are best.

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Click here to learn more about creating a Terrarium - as well as the all-important care requirements to keep your display happy & healthy.

How to Make a Long-Lasting Terrarium

Lots of information surrounding the creation of a terrarium. Includes a list of the appropriate plants, potting mixes & more!

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Terrarium Maintenance & Care

Not sure how to water or look after your terrarium? Click here to find out about the ultimate care tips for indoor terraria, including its fascinating history from the 1830s!

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How to Make a Terrarium Cheaply

Reducing the costs of the plants used, the layering ingredients (i.e. soil, grit, etc) & the terrarium itself.

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Terrarium Photos & Inspiration

A list of twenty three different terrarium photos & ideas!

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