Pet-Friendly Plants


There are hundreds of pet-friendly plants to choose from, but there are also many that'll cause significant problems when ingested. Scroll down to see a definitive list for both toxic and non-toxic houseplants. Click on any of the plant hyperlinks to learn about their care requirements, common issues, origins, propagation tips & repotting facts!

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Burro's Tail or Sedum morganianum is a great trailing succulent to have, predominantly due to it's easy-care nature.

Calathea are one of the most interesting pet-friendly plants to have around the house, due to the movement of leaves at night.

Maidenhair Ferns or Adiantum are an excellent pet-friendly option for both beauty & delicacy.

A flowering-favourite that's been in homes for over 150 years - Streptocarpus. It's non toxic and can bloom for up to six months in the correct environment!

Poisonous to Pets

Although Aloe vera is great medically, eating raw sections of the leaves could result in poisoning, especially for dogs & cats.

Citrus Trees have both edible and highly poisonous parts. Although the fruits can be eaten once ripe, the latex sap and sharp thorns are definitely a no-no for hungry pets.

The Dracaena's sap has a wealth of history over the years, from being a violin colourant in the 1800s to aiding red hair-dye. Unfortunately, Dracaena are also poisonous due to its resinous sap which causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea if digested.

Despite its prominent fixture in Chinese restaurants, Jade trees are classified as highly poisonous.

String of Pearls are undeniably intriguing, but holds sinister health issues if ingested...

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