Terraria (plural for terrarium) don't need to be the fanciest metal-framed glasswork known to humanity; they can be anything from wine glasses to even an old vase! Go and visit as many shops as possible to compare the costs and what's on offer. Charity shops are ukhouseplants' favourite due to the lower prices and a chance of finding pretty much anything. If you're only interested in using a metal-framed display, consider purchasing a half-dead display and redevelop it with new compost and fresh plants.


Need to buy some Terrarium Potting Mix?

Our soil mixes are always peat-free, top quality and of great value. Choose between Tropical, Desert or Carnivorous-based composts & enjoy FREE Delivery! Just £4.79.

Propagating Plants

The final way to cut the costs is by purchasing succulents that already have offsets on them. Would you rather buy a small £2.50 plant on its own, or a £5 one that has 4+ 'pups' on it?

Aloes are among the easiest to propagate via 'pups'.

If you're also a patient individual, purchase succulents that you propagate via leaf/stem cuttings. The best specimens for this are Aloe, Crassula, Echeveria, Euphorbia, Haworthia, Kalanchoe, Opuntia, & Sedum. This method will usually take around a month to start, but can halve the price of plants when given time! If you've got a burning question about your terrarium or how to make one, send us an email via this link or on our Instagram Page.

Using propagated succulents is cheap and will improve you're overall horticultural skills!

How to Make a Terrarium

Terrarium Maintenance & Care

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