Do you have a concern or query with your houseplant? Why not schedule a booking with Joe Bagley (the website's author & BBC Gardeners' World Live presenter) to get answers to even your most difficult of questions!

  • Host: Plant Clinic Services
  • Duration: 00:15 Hours




Joe can also guide you into having a more green decor, too! Scroll down for more images of his home in rural Leicestershire, UK.

Assistance & advice on setting up or maintaining 'grow cabinets' with grow lights. 

Still getting into houseplants? Growing a window-garden is a fantastic way to gain confidence & experience without splashing the cash on large statement specimens! 

Joe is also trained for outdoor horticulture. He can help advise you on choosing the right plants for your outdoor space, along with making a garden out of any shaped plot of land you may have! 


Is this service only available for people in the U.K.?

Not at all! Joe's 1-to-1 Calls are open to all countries across the world!

Who is this service useful for?

Everyone! Whether you've just started out and need some basic guidance of the do's and don't's with plants, or that you're familiar/comfortable with indoor gardening but just needs a helping hand with a certain issue - this service can be tailored for all levels of knowledge.

What topics can I call about?

Joe has been familiar with plants for many years, answering hundreds of questions on his Instagram, radio shows & 1-to-1 calls. His range of knowledge can be applied to:

  • Plants for Certain Rooms/Locations (Bedrooms, Low-Light, Dry Air, etc.)
  • Covers the Foundations of Plant Care for Beginners or Advanced Tips for Hobbyists
  • Root Rot
  • Pests & Diseases
  • Problems like Yellowing Leaves, Brown Tips, Leaf-Spots, Dropping of Leaves, etc.
  • Achieving Yearly Flowers on a Plant (Orchids, Peace Lilies, etc.)
  • Grow Lights
  • Help You Create a Terrarium
  • Nutrient Deficiencies 
  • Repotting Your Plants
  • How to Raise an Urban Jungle from Scratch & more!

Do I Need Anything for the Call?

You'll only need the plant(s) in question and yourself for the call. If you also want to bring a notepad and pen to write down Joe's advice, that's totally fine!

How many questions can I ask?

There isn't a limit to how many questions or plants you want to discuss with him. It's all about the quality of service and helping the individual overcome their issue. If, however, you want to talk about several plants, why not book a 30 minute call so that we have enough time to cover all of your plants/questions?

What can I expect after I book?

Joe will message or email you to say that he's acknowledged your booking. He'll phone you at the time of your preferred time, so all you'll have to do is relax and wait for the ring!

What happens if I become busy at the scheduled time?

If you have to reschedule, don't worry. Send him an email and we can re-arrange for when it suits you.


"I reached out to Joe on Instagram to learn about which plants were suitable for my home. Joe and I had an amazing call, where I showed him the areas I wanted some new greenery. He recommended me a list of different houseplants that were perfect for each room, according on the natural lighting. I was so so impressed with his knowledge of the plants. The call was fun, educational and so informative. I feel blessed his path crossed with mine. Thank you Joe."

Shirley Ballas ✪
Head Judge of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, United Kingdom.

"I was excited when ukhouseplants began offering 1-to-1 support. Since my first call with Joe, it's become a monthly occurrence because of the service I receive. Joe is an amazing mentor & has been able to advise me on a range of issues, like pests, diseases & where to put a new plant. It's extremely useful to have someone who is so knowledgeable and experience on hand."

Jo, United Kingdom.

"Joe was extremely kind and helpful. He knows a lot about plants & really made an effort to help me figure out why mine wasn’t looking well. I’ve taken his advice & the plant is already doing better since I talked to him."

Lily, United States.

"I booked a call with Joe to discuss my Monstera (repotting & yellowing leaves) and it was EXCELLENT value for money! With so much advice online now, it can become confusing as to what is right and wrong. This service is personal to you & could not be happier with the advice I received!"

Nicola, United Kingdom.

"My call with Joe was amazing! It's incredible how from Leicester, he could help me care for a Banana plant in Colombia! His personalized service helped me better understand my other plants and resolved several doubts that I had. The price was very fair, even after the rate-change between Colombian Pesos and Pounds. Additionally, Joe is very kind and talking to him was a pleasure."

Felipe, Colombia.

"I was very pleased with my call with Joe as he was exceptionally knowledgable in gardening and able to help me care for my plants. I have over seven types, each with different needs, and Joe went through them patiently and explained the science behind them. It was a very successful call; his advice is much needed and appreciated - I highly recommend booking with Joe for all of your plant needs!"

Marie-Claire, United States.

"I had a 1-to-1 call with Joe for some advice with rescuing my Yucca and Monkey-Mask Plant. He was AMAZINGLY helpful & gave me some really good advice about light levels and fertilisation. He also talked me through repotting the Yucca which I put to practice straight away. Lifesaver! Thanks Joe!"

Ramaa, United Kingdom.

"Having sought advice from Joe around my plant health needs through a video call, as well as purchased soil for my plants directly from his shop, I couldn’t be happier with either service. The soil was packaged well, arrived quickly and at good value for money - especially safe in the knowledge that it’s the right soil for my specific plants.

The video call was relaxed, fun and I learned lots of new things about my plants - which was aimed at just the right level for my beginners knowledge! I couldn’t recommend it enough - in fact, I’d book another just to talk at him about my plants again… as all my friends have stopped listening!"

Michael, United Kingdom.

"I would highly recommend given Joe a call if you are a plant novice like myself. Joe is super knowledgeable and friendly, he saw in no time what had happened with my Calathea. Great advice and a good conversation!"

Petra, United Kingdom.

"I was getting desperate as I couldn’t find the right compost and pots for a number of my plants. Joe helped me with advice and reassurance, further providing me with tailored tips and tricks I hadn’t considered before. He was super knowledgable and setting up the 1:1 was so easy."

Christina, United Kingdom.

"My mum and I had a brilliant call with Joe yesterday. He is easy to talk to and extremely knowledgable. His enthusiasm is infectious, and I'm sure our houseplants will benefit from his excellent care tips. If you're a novice, have a problem plant or just fancy a chat with someone passionate about plants, I can't recommend him highly enough!"

Emma, United Kingdom.

"I had my ailing plants lined up, ready for my video call with Joe. I was quite nervous, but he put me at ease straight away as we worked through the plants. Joe gave clear, concise advice as well as inspiring and reassuring chat about plants. He is personable, knowledgeable and his passion for houseplants shines through. I will be using this service again and cannot recommend him enough."

Louise, United Kingdom.