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Here are some of the ukhouseplants' terraria over the years! If you've got any questions or queries over your display, don't be afraid to message us via email or Instagram!

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Here's one of our first creations of a desert terrarium.

Our favourite desert terrarium to date!

Sphagnum Moss is fantastic for the replication of grass; keep it moist & out of direct sunlight for the best results.

Why not keep it simple with just some soil & white stones?

Add succulent leaf cuttings to entice more natural growth.

Our 'infinite desert' idea where most sand is pressed against the glass to symbolise a slice of the desert.

A close friend's thirty years old terrarium that we made up for her!

Bonsai terrariums are a great way to showcase your skills.

Although not a true terrarium, here's a desert display of some leftover cacti & succulents.

Terrariums can be big or small...

When given an abundance of moisture, Maidenhair Ferns are a fantastic choice for a miniature tree!

Propagating Haworthia 'pups' or lateral offsets are a great way incorporate more plants into the display without the need of spending money.

One of our creations being donated to the local garden centre.

Why not use sandblasted rosewood to mount your Air Plants?

Another example of our 'infinite desert' idea where moist sand is pressed against the glass.

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