Commonly used for seed-sowing, Vermiculite is a brilliant component to aid moisture retention into a potting mix. This is excellent for significantly decreasing the risk of under-watering or dehydration - a common occurrence with Ferns, Prayer Plants & Herbs. Simply combine it into your potting mix or sprinkle a thin layer over your small seeds to aid growth and germination! Prices include FREE UK delivery! 🚚🪴


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  • FREE UK Delivery!
  • Fine-graded Vermiculite that can be used for herb/tropical seed sowing
  • Also great for mixing into a potting compost for extra moisture-retention
  • Sustainably sourced & comes with recyclable, eco-conscious packaging
  • All orders include a 50% off voucher for a 1-1 Repotting/Seed Sowing Advice Call with Joe Bagley!

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