Based off research into the causality of root rot, our product incorporates several key ingredients to improve the air circulation, moisture-absorption & overall structure in your plant's potting mix. Keep reading to find out how our top-secret tips will help your plant recover strongly from root rot - leaving any risk of death in the rear-view mirror. All prices include UK Delivery and email access to a plant expert should you need any extra advice! 🪴📦


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The complexity of root rot is far from just a simple case of disease. A blend of adequate light levels, a bettered watering regime and a more porous soil mix will all contribute to a healthier houseplant that'll eventually reward you with fresh growth. When purchasing our Soil Mix, you'll gain access to our top tips and secret hacks that have worked for us, every-time. Scroll down to disclaimers to learn more about this product. (Via FAQs).

All purchases come with free UK delivery, recyclable packaging and next-day delivery (when 'Fast Track' is selected & ordered before 10am). 

Quick Facts

  • Free Delivery (Within 3 - 5 working days, UK postage only)
  • Peat-free, Fungus-Gnat free & eco-friendly packaging
  • Contains perlite, vermiculite & a secret ingredient for healthier growth from the offset
  • Includes a Step-by-Step Guide on dealing with Root Rot AND a 50% off voucher for a 1-1 Repotting Advice Call! (Both via email).


Don't know the amount needed to help your green friend? Simply measure the pot's top diameter to find the perfect amount of compost you'll need. In some cases, you may need a smaller pot due to the reduced amount of roots - in this case, we'd still recommend getting the same amount of soil in correlation to your current pot size.   

Size (Litres)Ideal for...
1L13cm pots or smaller. Great for cuttings with no roots
5L14cm - 20cm pots
10L21cm - 28cm pots
15L29cm or larger, or for multiple smaller repottings

Similar to illnesses and diseases within animals, each case of Root Rot is different. Repotting your poorly houseplant alone will only mask the issue of Root Rot, so we highly recommend reading our top tips and advice that'll be sent to your Email Inbox (once the purchase has been made). Not only should its soil be dealt with, but your watering regime and general environmental requirements should also change in order for your plant to make a good recovery. Of course, not all victims of this disease will pull through - but with our help, you should stand a FAR better chance of saving your houseplant than if you repotted it in a general Houseplant-labelled potting mix.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept refunds if your plant fails to make a sufficient recovery from this disease. We will do everything in our power to provide you with expert advice to help bring your plant through this tricky time.
This product comprises individually-sourced components to create our quality potting mix. Its basal component, the peat-free soil, is sourced from two well-established companies both in southern England and Northern Ireland that comply with strict garden waste management and production regulations in the U.K.. We then combine the two soil components on-site before adding the perlite, vermiculite, and our secret ingredient to replicate the ecological habitats of temperate climates, as well as to help limit the spread of root rot.

All our products include recyclable packaging/materials, with deliveries made to the local Post Office or parcel depot via fully-electric transport. Our commitment is to provide good quality potting mixes to customers without causing harm to the local and wider environment!
All of our composts come in a resealable bag, so never worry about having a little extra left over. Simply enclose the lid and situate it in a dry, dark area away from pets and children. The soil's freshness will last at least twelve months once opened, so it's great for emergency repotting and top-ups.
Unfortunately, our handcrafted composts are only available to those in the U.K., due to E.U. trading laws on plant-based materials. However, if you are in the U.K., expect free delivery and postage within three days of purchase! 
ukhouseplants has a rich history of excellence within the indoor plant community. Its horticulturally-trained founder, Joe Bagley, is a well-known Instagram influencer for all things green, amassing over 55K followers and 5,000+ daily website users with his easy-to-follow tips, tricks and advice. ( @ukhouseplants / ). He has featured on BBC’s Gardeners World and BBC Radio, as well as with working alongside giants like the RHS and Dulux to promote the connection between mental health improvement and houseplants.

His carefully chosen ingredients and attention to detail within each batch of potting mix set his products apart from the rest. All soils are peat-free, handcrafted to order and always pest-free (Fungus Gnats, Soil Mites, etc.). He believes a healthy, functioning root system always starts with a nutritious, well-structured foundation that balances water retention, oxygenation and soil nutrients in perfect harmony. Why not treat your green pal to his top-quality potting mixes; the best sub-terrain companions on the internet? 🪴
We'll send you a confirmation email with the purchase's receipt, along with a Step-by-Step Guide on repotting your plant with root rot. You can then refer to the guide once your compost arrives! 😊
Send us an email via this link to ask any further queries you may have about our composts! 😊