Perfect for semi-hydroponic set ups, LECA pebbles (lightweight expandable clay aggregate) are a fascinating, easy-to-use tool to improve your propagation game. Normally used for growing roots on a newly-propagated cutting, our clay balls can even be mixed into your repotting soil to improve the overall structure and water-retention. Prices include FREE UK DELIVERY! 📦 🪴


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With an average diameter of 1cm, LECA balls have a million and one functions within the world of houseplants. Most commonly used when water-propagating a cutting, you can even mix them into a potting mix to improve the overall structure and moisture-retaining profile of the soil. This is especially good with houseplants that HATE dry spells or excessively hot climates, as the balls will soak in the moisture for the roots to use at a later date.

Because of their excellent inner clay structure, your balls will never become rotten or decayed - meaning that you can keep using, and reusing LECA to grow your very own bureau of indoor tropical cuttings with exceptionally strong roots!

Quick Facts

  • Free Delivery (Within 3 - 5 working days)
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable packaging
  • Multiple functions and unlimited use in glass containers or plant pots
  • All orders include a 50% off voucher for a 1-1 Repotting Advice Call (Via email)
  • Significantly decreases risk of root rot due to better air circulation around plant's base

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All you'll have to do to make sure they're at peak performance is to give them a quick rinse under the tap, followed by a soak of around 36 hours. This will remove any microscopic clay dust from the the outer edge of the balls that may still be there from the manufacturer. Once your balls have been given a good soak - they're good to go! 💥 
Of course! Cuttings do far better when grown together, due to better air movement near the roots and higher humidity levels around the foliage. As long as you keep an eye on yellowing/rotting leaves (which is a normal part of propagating), you can mix all sorts of cuttings - like a Christmas Cactus with a Pothos, or a Passionfruit vine with a Dracaena! The size of your vase/container/plant pot is the only limit when raising a colony of baby tropical cuttings! 💥🪴
Nothing what's so ever. Picture in your mind pieces of clay that's heated up to around 1,200℃ in a rotary kiln until they begin to form into ball or potato-shaped pieces. That's all which goes into making these fun little balls!
All species of houseplants are suitable for growing in LECA!