Our top quality, refined sand can be used as decoration in terrariums, suppressing Fungus Gnat larvae, or for improving drainage in your soil. Comes with FREE Delivery & eco-friendly packaging!


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Our refined sand comes in a resealable bag, meaning that you can save it for later if you have too much. Great for improving drainage in a potting mix, suppressing Fungus Gnat larvae, or decorating a desert-themed terrarium. (Soil for Terrariums is available at the bottom of this page!).

Quick Facts

  • Free Delivery (Within 3 - 5 working days)
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Refined on-site to ensure top quality and reliability
  • Suitable to use on all houseplants


Sand is a great component for mixing with compost to reinforce drainage and strengthen the root system. The pot sizes below illustrate the ideal amount needed for repotting a plant into your specific pot. 

OptionSize*Ideal for...
Small400ml12cm pots or smaller
Medium1L20cm - 25.4cm pots, desert-themed terrariums & Fungus Gnat suppression
Large2.5L30.5cm pots or larger, & for houseplant enthusiasts who like to have extra sand on the side

*Due to the change of weight when saturated, soil components are measured in volume for accuracy. 

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