You'd never feed your pet a chemical-filled product, so why do the same to your delicate Orchids? See the difference in flower performance with our premium houseplant tonic, packed with the twelve essential nutrients for healthier, glossy-looking Orchids.


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Plantsmith's Fortifying Orchid Tonic is a professional formulation that's packed with the thirteen main nutrients for a better functioning plant. Not only that, it's proven to help protect and fight off pests and diseases (like Leaf-Spot), leaving your in the best hands possible. It's also a concentrate, meaning that when mixed with water, it'll make up to 100L of feed - enough to fertilise eight Orchids for two years!

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Quick Facts

  • Fertiliser-Products Delivery is just £5! (Within 3 - 5 working days)
  • The bottle is made with recyclable, reinforced glass
  • Inspired by high-potash, urea-free formulations used by professional Orchid growers!
  • Suitable for all species of Orchids (See FAQs for the full list!)

How to Use

Simply squirt four pumps of feed into 1L of water and mix well for ten seconds. Water the plant as you would normally, ensuring the entirety of the soil has become moist. We'd recommend feeding your green pals every forth water in the spring and summer, before reducing this to every sixth water in the colder months!

As the following list is rather long, if you're unsure with the ideal feed for your Orchid, don't hesitate to send us an email! 😊


  • Moth Orchids - Phalaenopsis (Common Supermarket/Garden Centre Orchids)
  • Bulbophyllum
  • Cattleya
  • Cambria
  • Coelogyne
  • Dendrobium
  • Epidendrums
  • Masdevallia
  • Maxillaria
  • Miltonia
  • Paphiopedilum
  • Zygopetalum

Unfortunately, our handcrafted plant tonics are only available to those in the U.K., due to E.U. trading laws on certain materials or products. However, if you are in the U.K., expect free delivery and postage within five days of purchase! 
Send us an email via this link to ask any further queries you may have about our composts! 😊
Unlike outdoor plants, houseplants are completely reliant on us to keep them well nourished. Although they arrive in compost that contains low levels of fertiliser, these nutrients are quickly used up. That’s why you need to use a good quality houseplant feed, to ensure your houseplants are getting the vital nutrients and vitamins they need to flourish. Less nutrients in the plant will ALWAYS result in a weakened plant, becoming more susceptible to pests, diseases and death.

Inspired by formulations used by the professionals, our Premium Houseplant Tonic contains thirteen perfectly balanced essential nutrients designed to encourage strong, glossy leaves and the growth of longer lasting flowers.