Ultimate Bug Killer Concentrate


If you want to opt for a stronger pesticide to destroy your pest infestation, look no further. This dilatable product can make up to 10L (17 pints) when mixed with water, meaning it'll last for months and can be used on all indoor pests. RRP £10.99!


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What's Included in the Box

You'll receive the pesticide in a self-contained bottle with a small measuring jug, too. As this product has a faint smell once opened, we'll provide a free resealable bag to keep the product safe and sound. There's also a Step-by-Step Guide on using this product on the packaging itself, too. RRP £10.99. 

Application Method: Concentrate

This product will be ready to use when mixed - add three drops into 500ml of water (1 pint) to create your solution. We recommend following the 'four-rule' method when attempting to eradicate a pest infestation.

1. Wipe or rub the plant down with warm water and a cloth.
2. Hose the foliage down gently, focussing on the under-leaves and cubbyholes.
3. Replace the top two inches with houseplant compost (optional, but effective).
4. Once the foliage is dry from the water, finely spray your chosen pesticide, focusing on the under-leaves and cubbyholes again. If your plant is in bloom, prune the flowers off to avoid nesting eggs. These four steps can be done on the same day, and may need to be repeated every two weeks for larger infestations.

More information on eradicating your specific pest can be found here


This product is usable against - Thrips, Mealybugs, Aphids/Greenfly, Spider Mites, Scale, Blackfly, Whitefly, Centipedes/Millipedes*, Caterpillars & Vine Weevils. *Non-harmful to plants, but may become a nuisance.

Indoor & Outdoor Uses

Provanto's Ultimate Bug Killer can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants, providing around four weeks of protection.


Wash hands after use and wash splashes from the skin; use gardening gloves if you're prone to skin allergies. Do not inhale this product & seek medical advice if you become unwell, the rashes persist or the product is drank/inhaled.

Administer the product outdoors in an open setting and only bring the plant into the home once the foliage becomes dry.

This product has a distinct smell, so keep it in a little-used area (like a garage or greenhouse). Store out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place between 5°C - 35°C, & out of the reach of children.

Always read the label and product information before use. A fine mist can be administered onto the soil line to help with Fungus Gnats, but remember not to over-spray as it may result in chemical root-burn. By purchasing this product, you have read and acknowledged to the Safety Data Sheet. Contact SBM Life Science for queries or complaints.