This Kit will supply hand-crafted Terrarium compost, activated charcoal/carbon, a choice of either white or natural-coloured drainage stones, and a complimentary bottle of Baby Bio feed. All of this in one box with FREE delivery! 'Tropical' Terrariums are those that use leafy houseplants like Ivy, miniature Palms, Peace Lilies, whereas 'Desert' terrariums are for Cacti & Succulent displays. (The two are differentiated by the soil). Select your soil-type & size and we'll get to work!


Tropical, Desert or Carnivorous Terrarium?: *
Compost in Litres: *
Choose your Drainage Stones (see second image): *

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Our peat-free Terrarium compost comes in a resealable bag, meaning that you can always use it later if you have too much. It'll also stay fresh for at least twelve months once opened, so never worry about it going off shortly after purchase. We formulate the soil ourselves and keep it in quarantine for 14 days to ensure there are no soil-borne pests like Fungus Gnats.

Quick Facts

  • Free Delivery (Within 3 - 5 working days)
  • Recyclable, eco-friendly packaging.
  • A choice of either Tropical, Desert or Carnivorous terrarium soil comes in a resealable bag to keep the compost fresh.
  • Includes Activated Charcoal/Carbon to help regulate bacteria in the soil.
  • A choice of either white or natural-coloured drainage stones (photo above)
  • Comes with a complimentary bottle of Baby Bio Feed.
  • Includes a Step-by-Step Guide on repotting AND a 50% off voucher for a 1-1 Plant-Advice Call! (Both via email).

Sizes for the Ideal Size of Compost

Don't know the size of your terrarium? Have a look at the third image above to determine if yours is a small, medium or large terrarium!

Size (Litres)
Ideal for...
2.5LSmall Terrariums
4L Medium Terrariums
5L Large Terrariums

Don't worry about having left-overs. You can use this compost to repot normal houseplants like Monstera, Peace Lilies, if you opted for 'Tropical' compost, whereas 'Desert' soil is perfect for repotting Cacti and Succulents. 

Which Soil Do I Need?

Our Terrarium Compost has three variants, 'Tropical', 'Desert' or 'Carnivorous' themed, that are different in drainage and water-retention ability.

'Tropical Terrarium' Soil

If you're looking to create a leafy, exotic-looking terrarium, we recommend using 'Tropical' soil. This will provide the perfect blend of water retention and drainage to promote healthy growth, topped off with 'perlite' that'll add oxygen back into the compost for stronger root development. 

'Desert Terrarium' Soil

This compost is best suited for those who want to make a desert-themed display with Cacti & Succulents. Our soil comes packed with goodness that promotes drainages and will help reduce the risk of over-watering, like grit, sand and perlite.

'Carnivorous Terrarium' Soil

All Carnivorous species need specialist soil to survive. Ordinary composts will quickly cause root burn, quickly translating into yellowed foliage and even death. Our 'Carnivorous Terrarium' soil has the perfect blend to promote healthier foliage and stronger root systems.

Not sure which plants are best for your themed terrarium? Visit FAQs to see our definitive list of suitable plants for each type of display! (Or, send us a message with the plants you're interested in & we'll point you in the right direction!

Background Information

For the last five years, we have been formulating composts for our houseplants, balancing the critical ingredients for different groups (Bonsai, Bulbs, Cacti, Tropicals, etc.), with varying ratios of compost, perlite, grit & sand. We believe that a well-structured soil is critical for maximising both the root and foliar growth performance. We source the compost from well-respected companies in the U.K., which has tight restrictions over quality control & environmental regulations/promises.

Checklist for a Successful Terrarium:

  • Combine the Right Plants: Never rush into buying every small plant that you see at a store. Always decide on whether you're going to create a Desert or Tropical themed display. Combining a desert-dweller with a moisture-loving specimen will serve nothing but grief for both parties, as one will either be under or over-watered. 
  • Successful terrariums require good drainage, so make sure you have a basal layer of stones, a thin layer of 'Activated Charcoal' and the correct potting mix. (Desert-themed displays need 'Cactus' labelled soil, whereas tropical displays need 'Houseplant' compost).
  • Maintain bright light. We recommend keeping your Tropical terrarium in a bright windowsill without any direct sun (north or east-facing windows are best). In contrast, Desert-themed displays should at least be exposed to morning or evening sunlight, like a south or west-facing window.

You can always book a 1-1 Video Call with Joe Bagley if you have any queries or questions!

Contents of Box


As mentioned above, your compost will come in a resealable bag, so don't worry about having extras! The soil will stay fresh for twelve months when stored in a cool place with the bag's top securely fastened. It's also peat-free and responsibly sourced, so what's not to love?!

Baby Bio 175ml

Baby Bio is a concentrate, meaning that this product can make up to 200L. Mix 5 - 10 drops to ½ litre of water (1 pint, a typical water bottle), OR ½ capful to 1 litre (2 pints). The exact amount of drops isn't a priority, but be sure always to keep your plants well-fed to optimise their overall health. (NPK - 10.6 - 4.4 - 1.7). Generally, plants grown in 'Tropical' terrariums will need to be fertilised every four waters, whereas Cacti & Succulents are best fed every two months with the same feed.

Note: Due to Carnivorous Plants not needing soil-borne nutrients, we won't send out this bottle of BabyBio and instead will deduct money off from the overall price!

Activated Charcoal/Carbon

Activated Charcoal is the secret ingredient to a healthy and happy terrarium. Packed with anti-bacterial properties, adding a thin later between the drainage stones and compost will reduce the risk of root rot. It essentially 'sweetens' the soil for better plant health both in the roots and its foliage.

Drainage Stones (Either White or Natural)

When creating a terrarium, try to remember the 'lasagna' method. Because of the lack of drainage holes in the terrarium, you must put a generously sized layer of stones below the soil. With our Terrarium Kit, you have two attractive options of themed stones - glistening white or naturally-toned.


Fertiliser - Wash hands after use and rinse off splashes on the skin. Do not inhale, drink, or eat this product & seek medical advice if this occurs.

Store the bottle out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place between 5°C - 35°C, & out of the reach of children. A good example would be a cupboard or garage. 

Always read the label and product information before use. Do not over-dilute or over-use the fertiliser/pesticide than its recommended strength/dosage stated on the packaging. By purchasing this product, you have read and acknowledged Baby Bio's Safety Data Sheet.

Definitely! Depending on the compost and stones you choose, each box is around £2 - £5 cheaper than purchasing the items separately. You'd have to spend hours visiting different garden centres or online stores to find the best possible price, only to be hit by several delivery charges from each seller.
Our boxes come with free delivery - a whole lot of love. Every customer who purchases a Terrarium Kit will be emailed with a Step-by-Step Guide on transplantation, which includes tips and tricks not mentioned on other websites. So, with one just box away from successfully creating your Terrarium, what are you waiting for?!
This product comprises individually-sourced components to create our quality potting mix. Its basal component, the peat-free soil, is sourced from two well-established companies both in southern England and Northern Ireland that comply with strict garden waste management and production regulations in the U.K.. We then combine the two soil components on-site before adding the perlite, bark, grit, sand and biochar to improve the overall soil structure and replicate the ecological habitats of temperate and tropical climates.

All our products include recyclable packaging/materials, with deliveries made to the local Post Office or parcel depot via fully-electric transport. Our commitment is to provide good quality potting mixes to customers without causing harm to the local and wider environment.
Unfortunately, our Repotting Kits are only available to those in the U.K. because of E.U. trading laws on plant-based materials. However, if you are in the U.K., expect free delivery and postage within three days of purchase! 
Any good potting mix will only hold a certain volume of water before dripping the excess through the drainage holes. You're most likely going to cause root rot by watering the plant too often instead of the exact amount of water per drink.

Here's an example, it's far better to water the plant 7L in one go once a week, as supposed to 1L per day for the entire week. The roots won't be able to access the oxygen within the soil, which is critical for reducing the development of root rot. Like bubbles in an ocean, the air will rise when the potting mix is wet, so it's essential to allow the soil to dry slightly between drinks to regain the oxygen.

Our Repotting Kits are designed to maximise both the air circulation and soil structure around your plant's roots, meaning that it'll have the very best conditions for optimal growth. Remember not to water the soil too frequently, and your little friend will very much enjoy his new home!

Certainly! You can solely buy the plant-specific compost to save money, but it won't include the pot, saucer and fertiliser. Click here to view our Terrarium-specific potting mix! (It's a separate product). 
We'll send you a confirmation email with the purchase's receipt, along with a Step By Step Guide on creating your Terrarium with these products. You can then refer to the Guide once your Kit arrives to get the ball rolling!
Send us an email via this link to ask any further queries you may have about our Terrarium Kits! 😊