Sticky Fly Catchers


Our Sticky Fly Catchers are brilliant for when Fungus Gnats strike. Located just above the soil, it aims to catch the adult females before laying their eggs in the compost below. Each sticky-sheet works for over six weeks, with replaceable sheets included with the price. FREE Delivery!


Number of Sheets? (Includes replaceable sheets) : *

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  • 2 tulip-shaped sheets + 3 extra rectangular sheets
  • Comes with 2 support canes (the metal support rods pictured above to insert into the soil)
  • Each Sticky-Sheet protects for over 6 weeks, catching over 100 Gnats or flies within this period!
  • Easy to assemble and replace. Sturdy when inserted into the soil.
  • FREE Delivery (3 - 5 Working Days)

How to Assemble the Sticky Sheets

  1. Assembling your Sticky Fly Catcher is simple; simply push the metal rod's serrated edge into the sheet's yellow base to attach the two.
  2. Then, insert the rod's base into the soil until the attached sheet is around one inch from the soil line. This will ensure it's securely planted into the soil and won't topple over.
  3. Simply replace the sheet once it becomes totally un-stickable, using the steps mentioned above.

Quantity of Sticky Sheets

There are two options for this product - 5, 10 or 15 sheets. These include the additional spare sheets in the number, so if you chose 5 sheets, you'd receive two tulip-shaped sheets and three replaceable sheets.

Number of Tulip-Shaped Sheets
Number of Replaceable Sheets
Number of Metal Support Rods

Note: There is no difference between the tulip-shaped & rectangular sheets, except for the shape itself. They'll both catch the same amount of flies, working for at least 6 weeks when inserted into the soil. (You can even cut the rectangular sheet in half to save the other half for later use).

Mentionable Notes:

Each female Fungus Gnat can live for around thirty days, laying up to TWO HUNDRED eggs in her lifetime. Applying one of our Sticky Sheets will work completely fine on their own, but if you have a known case of Gnats, we recommend replacing the top two inches of the soil to remove any soil-borne larvae. You can then insert the Sticky Sheet back into the soil to continue the fight against these awful critters!


The Sticky Sheets are rather sticky, so take your time when inserting one into the soil. The metal support rot is relatively blunt, but always be careful of them being misused by children. Not suitable for those under 8 years of age due to the small rod.

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