This Repotting Kit will supply top-quality Orchid bark, a transparent pot & saucer of your chosen size, along with a complimentary bottle of Baby Bio Orchid feed. All in one box with FREE delivery! Don't need the pot or saucer? Click on the amount of compost you need and press 'No'. You'll still receive the selected amount of compost and the free bottle of Baby Bio.


Compost Size (Litres) & Plastic Pot with Saucer: *

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Quick Facts

  • Free Delivery (Within 3 - 5 working days)
  • Peat-free & comes with recyclable packaging
  • Comes in a resealable bag to keep the Bark fresh for at least twelve months
  • Includes a transparent pot and saucer, along with free Orchid Feed
  • Includes a Step-by-Step Guide on repotting AND a 50% off voucher for a 1-1 Plant-Advice Call! (Both via email).

This potting mix is suitable for...

  • Moth Orchids - Phalaenopsis (Common Supermarket/Garden Centre Orchids)
  • Bulbophyllum
  • Cattleya
  • Dendrobium
  • Epidendrums
  • Masdevallia
  • Maxillaria
  • Paphiopedilum
  • Zygopetalum

You can also use our Bark to cover the soil of other houseplants for decoration. 

Choosing the Right Sized Pot

People often get confused with choosing the next suitable pot for their plant. As a general rule of thumb, Orchids like to be transplanted into the next sized pot that measures a few centimetres wider than the original, every second or third year.

To correctly select the next sized pot for your plant, simply measure the original pot's diameter at the top. The table below shows more about which size to choose next, base on your current pot's diameter.  

Your Current Pot Size...The New Size You Should Select With Our Repotting Kit
9cm - 12cm13cm
15cm - 17cm19cm

Peat-Free Orchid Bark

We source our Orchid Bark from well-respected companies in Southern England, which has tight restrictions over quality control & peat-free regulations. Your compost will come in a resealable bag, so don't worry about having extras! The soil will stay fresh for eighteen months when stored in a cool place with the bag's top securely fastened. 

Baby Bio Orchid 175ml

Baby Bio is a concentrate, meaning that this product can make up to 200L. Mix 5 - 10 drops to ½ litre of water (1 pint, a typical water bottle), OR ½ capful to 1 litre (2 pints). The exact amount of drops isn't a priority, but be sure always to keep your plants well-fed to optimise their overall health. (NPK - 10.6 - 4.4 - 1.7).

To find out more about how frequently you should feed your plant, search for the specific-plant article via the Menu's 'Search' function. Generally, Orchids are best fed every forth water in the spring and summer & every sixth in the colder months for their dormancy. Whilst they're in bud or flower, fertilise them every four waters to promote longer-lasting blooms, regardless of the time of year.

Transparent Pot

We'll only use pots that are top quality, recyclable and promote good drainage & air circulation in the soil. 


Depending on the pot size chosen above, our matching saucer is also recyclable and of fantastic quality. You can even double this up as a 'Pebble Tray' to increase the humidity levels around your plant. 


Fertiliser - Wash hands after use and rinse off splashes on the skin. Do not inhale, drink, or eat this product & seek medical advice if this occurs.

Store the bottle out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place between 5°C - 35°C, & out of the reach of children. A good example would be a cupboard or garage. 

Always read the label and product information before use. Do not over-dilute or over-use the fertiliser/pesticide than its recommended strength/dosage stated on the packaging. By purchasing this product, you have read and acknowledged Baby Bio's Safety Data Sheet.

Definitely! Depending on the pot and saucer size, each box is around £2 - £5 cheaper than purchasing the items separately. You'd have to spend hours visiting different garden centres or online stores to find the best possible price, only to be hit by several delivery charges from each seller.
Our boxes come with free delivery - a whole lot of love. Every customer who purchases a Repotting Kit will be emailed with a Step-by-Step Guide on transplantation, which includes tips and tricks not mentioned on other websites. So, with one box away from successfully repotting your houseplant, what are you waiting for?!
This product comprises individually-sourced components to create our quality potting mix. Its basal component, the peat-free bark fragments, is sourced from two well-established companies both in southern England and Northern Ireland that comply with strict garden waste management and production regulations in the U.K..

All our products include recyclable packaging/materials, with deliveries made to the local Post Office or parcel depot via fully-electric transport. Our commitment is to provide good quality potting mixes to customers without causing harm to the local and wider environment.
Unfortunately, our Repotting Kits are only available to those in the U.K. because of E.U. trading laws on plant-based materials. However, if you are in the U.K., expect free delivery and postage within three days of purchase! 
Any good potting mix will only hold a certain volume of water before dripping the excess through the drainage holes. You're most likely going to cause root rot by watering the plant too often instead of the exact amount of water per drink.

Here's an example, it's far better to water the plant 7L in one go once a week, as supposed to 1L per day for the entire week. The roots won't be able to access the oxygen within the soil, which is critical for reducing the development of root rot. Like bubbles in an ocean, the air will rise when the potting mix is wet, so it's essential to allow the soil to dry slightly between drinks to regain the oxygen.

Our Repotting Kits are designed to maximise both the air circulation and soil structure around your plant's roots, meaning that it'll have the very best conditions for optimal growth. Remember not to water the soil too frequently, and your little friend will very much enjoy his new home!

Certainly! You can solely buy the plant-specific compost to save money, but it won't include the pot, saucer and fertiliser. Click here to view our Monstera-specific potting mix! (It's a separate product). 
We'll send you a confirmation email with the purchase's receipt, along with a Step By Step Guide on repotting your plant with these products. You can then refer to the Guide once your Repotting Kit arrives to get the ball rolling!
Send us an email via this link to ask any further queries you may have about our Repotting Kits! 😊

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